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A well regulated industry fosters innovation, protects consumers and increases financial inclusion, but in an era of digital transformation, dominated by the new technologies and unique business of innovative fintech companies, regulations can also be an entry barrier. That is why regulators are faced with the challenging task of creating laws with foresight.

Impact fintech’17 will analyse the different models of collaboration between the key players in the financial services ecosystem, placing special emphasis on consumers and service providers. We will also look at and discuss recent as well as upcoming regulatory changes that are sure to have a major impact on the financial services industry.


The payment industry is, no-doubt, growing at a healthy rate, in large part thanks to innovations disrupting the global landscape. A paramount shift is taking place, away from physical currency and cards toward a range of new payment options such as mobile payments and digital wallets. An explosion of solutions and choices offered to consumers and businesses is convenient and also, more importantly, it allows a constant business growth, improved customer retention and expansion to new markets.

At Impact fintech’17 we will discuss all of these advances with a special focus on a secure customer experience, personal finance management, data analytics and more.

alternative finance & lending

Fintech innovators are also redefining the lending paradigm by simplifying and expanding access to capital. This is particularly important to small and medium sized companies which, in many cases, ceased to exist as a result of the lengthy, complicated formalities related to acquiring financing. Digitally based lending platforms are here to help consumers and business get the funding they need quickly and efficiently. At the same time, as result of regulatory concerns and the threat it possesses to traditional lenders, this industry has become the subject of ongoing debate and speculation.

Impact fintech’17 will touch on the diverse services available on the market – from peer-to-peer lending, third part invoice trading platforms to reward-based and equity crowdfunding platforms. Coverage will include their business models, sources of data and credit decision methodologies, future prospects and implications on incumbent players.


The disruption of traditional financial institutions has resulted in the availability of many new services for consumers as well as business opportunities for companies. It has also caused growing concerns regarding cyberattacks that could potentially undermine the value of the services being provided. Security and trust are the core of any financial service. The industry players face a number of challenges in this respect, balancing issues associated with advancing technologies responsible for transmitting as well as storing customer data, optimizing security and managing risk with those related to customer convenience and legal requirements that, if not met, could result in large financial penalties.

At Impact fintech’17 top industry leaders will not only analyse those challenges in great detail but also present innovative solutions, such as biometrics or algorithm-based technology, which effectively assist in the automation process and reduce losses related to fraud.

Al, data & algorithm-based innovation

Although the concept of artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, it is only recently that AI has become an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives. This is particularly true in the financial services industry where innovation is largely based on and backed by AI and data analysis solutions. In contrast to traditional, established financial institutions, innovative fintech companies base the success of their business models, in large part, on providing a superior customer experience. And it is only through effective gathering and analysis of customer data that a service can be truly personalized.

At Impact fintech’17 we will look at those solutions being implemented by leading companies in developed market – ones that translate into a real competitive advantage. In addition, we will also hear from industry experts who will present various features making things like credit scoring or fraud detection easier and enabling personalized messaging.

distributed ledgers

Disruption of financial services happens on various levels. Many solutions once believed to pose a serious threat to traditional players are now allowing them to stay in the game by triggering far-reaching changes in banking procedures. To what extent is distributed ledger technology influencing the financial industry? Can blockchain technology do to financial services what the internet has done to communication? Will it solve industry problems related to inclusion, privacy, security, cross-border services and commerce?

The coverage of Impact fintech’17 will include an analysis of practical applications of bitcoin, including its use by the leading world banks in attracting a cryptocurrency ecosystem and experiments being undertaken in innovation labs. We are continuously defining the future of the blockchain!


New financial and commerce solutions designed to make shopping, purchasing and payment easier as well as more efficient are introduced daily. At the heart of these quick and continuous changes is a better all-around customer experience. Impact fintech’17 will cover issues related to omnichannel retail, Internet of Things and utilisation of data.

What is the role of POS technologies and how are they expanding the merchant categories? What are the new segments of commerce to be digitalised? Discover with us at Impact fintech’17!


The digital transformation has been a major challenge for the insurance industry which, thus far, has been slow in catching on to it. Insurtech technologies are designed to help address the growing needs of digital clients. The increased use of big data in the insurance industry, especially as it relates to collecting information about consumer and analysing their behaviour, is impacting it in a big way. Innovative technologies are helping insurance firms better analyse trends and make more accurate predictions than ever before while delivering real-time pricing and truly personalized services.

Impact fintech’17 will cover the current key trends in the insurance industry including insurance telemetrics, usage based insurance, application of artificial intelligence that are transforming the way we acquire our insurance policies and more.


The disruption of financial industry affects all of us, from traditional institutions re-evaluating their strategies, through fintech and techfin newcomers introducing more effective and low-cost solutions and models supported by growing levels of investment, political agendas or accelerators to daily users being recipients of those services.Impact fintech’17 will take a closer look at these dynamics including

Impact fintech’17 will take a closer look at these dynamics including great examples of partnerships between startups and corporations, growing popularity of corporate VCs as well as investment trends and hotspots with a focus on the CEE region and key learnings and insights from entrepreneurs successfully scaling their products. We are defining the future of fintech now!

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