BLIK: A Polish Startup Making Waves in the Online Payments Industry

BLIK has taken over in Poland like a massive technological storm. Having started in 2015, this Polish payment method is now loved by over 10 million users, hosting over 150 million transactions yearly.

Poland has always been at the forefront of technological advancements but BLIK has garnered far more fame than other payment methods, mostly due to its incredibly fast payments and ATM support.

To put things into perspective, BLIK is a mobile payment method that uses six-digit codes in its app for confirming transactions. After generating the code, the user can confirm payments, transfer funds or even withdraw money from ATMs. It literally takes a click of a button to make payments with BLIK.

BLIK has been revolutionary from the beginning, enabling Polish people to pay for any online services – from online stores to online casinos. In 2019 though, BLIK got another innovation thanks to an agreement with Mastercard. ThankBlik casino deposits to this collaboration, now it’s also possible to make contactless payments with BLIK.

Deposits to online casinos

Polish people love BLIK, and would love to deposit money to online casinos with it. Unfortunately so far only one Polish casino supports it. That casino is EnergyCasino. They have been operating in Polish gambling market for a long time, having Polish customer support, payments in zlotys, and of course the website supports Polish language. If there are any more casinos supporting BLIK deposit, they will be listed on Kasyno Polska website.

How secure is BLIK?

BLIK wouldn’t have got this far if the service wouldn’t be reliable. Firstly, BLIK can only be used if the user has been connected with a bank. This bank-level protection alone is enough to secure BLIKs usage.

BLIKs whole idea makes payments more secure – you have to use a one-time code that will expire shortly. Without authorizing the transaction on your phone, you simply can’t make the payment, not to even mention that a code must be generated again and again for new payments.

For mobile users who value safety and speed, BLIK is a match made in heaven. BLIK is also accepted by several high-end banks all over Poland. And beyond that, using BLIK doesn’t bring any extra fees to the user – as with any intermediary payment method, BLIK earns its money from the service providers (that use BLIK for accepting payments).

BLIK brings on the new generation of payment methods. We only hope that one day, BLIK will be accepted throughout the whole of Europe, so everyone could enjoy this technological masterpiece.

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